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Asset Insight | Protect your brand and/or usage rights.

Asset Insight allows you to find out where your images are being used to help you have a clearer picture of who is using them, rightly or wrongly. The system will show you where the images are being used so you can find out if someone is using an image with expired usages rights or using your offical imagery to sell counterfit versions of your product, or if you imagery is beening used on some unfavourable websites.

Asset Insight can also intergrate with other systems such as Digital Asset Management tools to provide you with insight on your images within your already existing tools.

It is also a great tool for individuals or creative agencies to ensure that your imagery is not being used outside of your agreed usage rights.


A cloud based montorting and scanning tool allowing you to better track the usage of your images.

Scan the internet to find out where your images are being used

Asset Insight allows you to scan the internet to find the location of where your images are being used. It will also find similar images helping you identify when someone has edited your image.

Scheduled automated monitoring of asset usage

Scheduled frequent searches can be configurated to automatically scan for your images. Asset insight will store the historical data so you can see if the use of the images are increasing.

Dashbaord and reports of usage data for each asset

You can access your dashboard and reports from anywhere via the internet. Your dashboard can show you a snap shot of the usage of the portfolio of your images. The reports will give a detailed breakdown into the user of each image and where they are being used.

Intergration with Digital Asset Management Systems

Using the powerful cloud based API Asset Insight can intergrate with any software you alraedy use such as a digital asset management system. This will allow you to pull the latest data on the images and also trigger a scan for individual images.

Usage rights verification on images

Not only does Asset Insight scan the internet for images, it can also scan the images themselves to read the usage rights and highlight if the usage rights have expired or the current usage is in breach.

View historical searches and results

Asset Insight will save results from previous scans for each image building a historical data on the usage of each image. This data will also allow you to see if th usage of the image is increasing or decreasing over time.

Helps battle counterfitting

Being able to scan the internet to find were your images are being used and images that are partial matches allows you to see if your brand is being mismarketed or if an unauthorised seller is trying to sell your products or counterfit version of your products.

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